Growth Peak books, a division of Growth Peak (Pty) Ltd, is a distributor and broker of  business books and guides written by African authors. We find, broker and distribute those rare gems that you will not normally find in a book store. That’s why we do not call ourselves a book shop. We go deeper than that.

For African authors, we provide you a platform to get your books to reach those who need to hear your message. We know that you have been working hard to realise your purpose and have often been let down by traditional distribution channels. We get you. And we are here.

For book lovers, we find you the rare gems of brilliantly written business books from our own soil. From Townships. From Rural areas. Rare books that normally do not get commercial recognition. Well, we have them.

With our Book Broker Service, we work with business leaders to find them those rare books that are relevant to their journey. We know that as a leader you need to keep reading. Let’s meet for coffee and look at your needs. We will find you a book in Africa that speaks to where you are. So, if you are a business leader and current books do not move you, let us find you a gem.

Also look out for our Monthly Book Drive! We want to fill libraries in disadvantage areas with business books written by people that the community can relate to. So, buy books for township and rural libraries. This is how we are going to build the next generation of business leaders. Check out our book drive page to see which libraries we filling for that month. Maybe it could be an area where you grew up and you can give back. You can even suggest an area if you want and bring your group of people to buy some books.